Different grades of amino acids, could meet the usage of pharmarceutical, food nutrition and feed additives industries.
Mainly produce Protected Amino Acids, such as Fmoc, Boc, CBZ-protected amino acids and other derivatives, which are intermediates of polypeptides including peptide APIs and cosmetic peptides.


With a dedicated plant manufacturing Amino Acids&their Derivatives, especially Protected Amino Acids-the Dirivatives as our featured products.

Our technology of derivatives is very mature now, which could meet customers’ requirements from grams to tons. Meanwhile, several peptides are under developing now, and material from grams to kilograms is available.

We also can customize products according to customer’s characters and requirements.


FMOC-Protected amino acids :

– Fmoc-Amino Acids can be very stable in acid environments, even if deprotect Boc and Cbz Groups with acid, the products still have very good acid-stability.
– Fmoc-Amino Acids can be deprotected with general amine.
– The deprotection process could be monitored with UV or fluorescence.
– Control the character of by-products.

BOC-Protected amino acids :

– Boc-Amino Acids can be easily crystallized.
– Boc-Amino Acids can be easily deprotected by acid, and have good stability, can be stored for a long time.
– Side reaction rarely happened during deprotection by acid.
– Boc-Amino Acids have good alkali-stability and hydrazine-stability.
– Boc-Amino Acids have good catalytic hydrogenolysis stability, but much more sensitive in acid than Cbz-Amino Acids.

CBZ-Protected amino acids :

– The reagents can be easily prepared, and Cbz-groups could be easily introduced in.
– N-Cbz-Amino Acids and peptides can be easily crystallized and very stable.
– Racemization rarely happened during activation of Cbz-Amino Acids.
– Cbz-groups could be deprotected with many mild methods.ide deposition in liver function, significantly increased serum high density lipoprotein levels and inhibition of LDL oxidation.